When Should I Book For A Clean?

Are you thinking about booking somebody to Make Your Space A Better Place?

So when do you want it done?
When are you going to call?
How much time do I need?

I have a basic rule of thumb.
Allow Two Weeks

It may sound like a simple thing, but anything that is high quality is usually in demand.

Carpet cleaning professionals are exactly the same. Imagine booking open heart surgery with a cardiac specialist and they say “We can fit you in this afternoon.”  You would have second thoughts about why they can fir you in so quickly.

All the good operators will have full diaries, so if Aunty Mavis is making her trip of a lifetime from London, don’t try to book a cleaner the day before she arrives.

And then there is Christmas – everybody wants their house looking great for Santa, and everybody leaves it to the last minute and then complains that they can’t make it fit their plans.

So just book your Christmas clean in November, please!!