In my opinion – the Dyson is not the best.

After saying that, now I say this – a Dyson vacuum cleaner is a great machine and very well designed. We have one at home, it gets used regularly and I am genuinely happy with how everything works and fits together.

Do I have one in my van? No.

That’s because for my business I want a solid machine that won’t break when it gets dropped, will remove great piles of dirt from carpets, mattresses and upholstery and keeps going day after day after day.

For this reason I use a Kirby vaccum cleaner from the United States. It’s built like a rock, drags heaps of junk out of mattresses, couches and carpets and if it breaks, I can buy spare parts for it easily.

So what’s wrong with the Dyson?

As I said before, they are a well designed piece of equipment. But it is designed to be a bagless vacuum cleaner. The big appeal for consumers regarding bagless cleaners is the fact they don’t have to buy bags. And if you watch the Dyson advertising closely, there is a greater emphasis about ease of use instead of how well the Dyson vacuums up heavy dirt and debris.

The advertising is slanted towards ease of use because they are light and easy to use. This is how Dyson sell their product.

Why do they push the ease of use? Because it’s a popular way of selling anything. In these days of swiping and tapping phone screens, making a product over complicated is almost a sure fire way of killing sales.

Dyson are very clever marketers by emphasising the simplicity of their machines. They also look good and even though people don’t always buy a vacuum for looks, it’s all part of the package.