Are you thinking about booking a carpet clean to Make Your Space A Better Place?

  • So when do you want it done?
  • When are you going to call?
  • How much time do I need?

I have a basic rule of thumb.

Allow Two Weeks

It may sound like a simple thing, but anything that is high quality is usually in demand.

Carpet cleaning professionals are exactly the same.

Imagine booking open heart surgery with a cardiac specialist and they say “We can fit you in this afternoon.”  You would have second thoughts about why they can fit you in so quickly.

All the good operators will have full diaries, so if Aunty Mavis is making her trip of a lifetime from London, don’t try to book a cleaner the day before she arrives.

Christmas Carpet Clean

Ahh, yes!!  Christmas – everybody wants their house looking great for Santa, and everybody leaves it to the last minute and then complains that they can’t make it fit their plans.

So just book your Christmas clean in November, please!!

Spring Cleaning

Before you pick up the phone, what else needs cleaning?

The majority of carpet cleaners are equipped with the right gear for basic upholstery cleaning as well as tiles and grout.

Asking for a package deal could get much more of your house sparkling for just little extra cash.

For specialty cleaning, such as leather, silk and cotton, you will probably have to do some research to find a business that has the training and experience in these fields.

It’s common for cleaning firms to start out with carpet cleaning and then add more services as they grow, so other services like pressure cleaning and gutter cleaning is possible.

And before they knock on the door, how about a spring clean?

By de-cluttering your wardrobes and spare room, it’s easier for the cleaner and you’ll have less junk as well.

Don’t forget to dust up high, including the tops of the ceiling fans. Any dust that falls onto the carpet will be removed by the cleaning process.


I understand that people want their house to look great after renovations but booking a carpet clean before all the other work is completed can backfire.

The first issue is other trades don’t like working on wet carpet – it just complicates things and makes their socks wet (if they remember to take their boots off).

They also don’t like big hoses running through their workplaces as the hoses can pull over ladders, toolboxes and paint cans (remember – a paint spill can make a BIIIGGGG mess).

Floorboards – if the lacquer hasn’t fully cured, running carpet cleaning hoses over freshly lacquered floorboards can leave permanent marks.

Not only can the heat from the supply hose and metal fittings cause issue permanent issues, but the vibration from the vacuum hose can leave unwelcome prints in your brand new floor.

Curing can take up to four weeks, so talk to your floorboard installer first to understand the risks.

Painting – paint also has an optimal curing time. Carpet cleaning hoses and wands can get a bit clumsy in tight spaces.  Very fresh paint can be easily damaged. Talk to your painter and find out how long they recommend to let the paint FULLY cure.

Carpentry – any sawing, drilling and sanding will leave behind some debris and rubbish.

This must be removed from your carpet before cleaning, so please tell your carpet cleaner as large amounts of debris can affect the price.

The upper level professionals will have counter rotating brush units that can be used before vacuuming to remove bigger particles like sawdust and wood shavings.


Now is the time to sort out Tibbles and Fido – before you make the booking.

There are a few little things to think about.

Doors being open provide plenty of escape paths for cats and dogs and the noise of vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaning machines can scare some animals .

And remember, you can’t lock them in the bedroom if the bedroom carpets are being cleaned.

If you have booked a tile and grout clean, tile cleaning detergent is quite strong and could burn the pads of your cat or dog, so it’s best that they be locked up for their own safety.

Power and Water

So, you’ve made the phone calls, packed away the valuables and the van backs up into your driveway. There are still some questions you’ll be asked about.

First is water. If your cleaner has a truck-mounted system that’s bolted inside the van, they will be looking for an outside tap to hook up to.

If they use a portable machine, it’s likely they will look for a hot water tap in the laundry or kitchen.

For vacuuming as a minimum, access to power points will be needed. Again, if your cleaner uses a portable machine, they will need extra power points for the machine too.