Mattress Sanitising

Matrress sanitising is the removal of irritants from a mattress and the reduction of mould and bacteria.

These irritants can cause discomfort and allergic reactions.

The majority of people react to the DerP1 protein that is excreted by dust mites (it makes up part of their poo).

The removal of the dry matter that accumulates in a mattress (meaning dust mites, dust, dirt and skin cells) is a major step in assisting people with their reactions and discomfort.

The process used by Clean Maintain Restore has been nicknamed “dry sanitising” as the mattress is almost completely dry when we finish.  This is because the process was developed for the accommodation industry.

Because the beds are only available (usually) between 10 am and 2 pm, the mattresses had to be dry to allow the hotel staff to make the bed in time for the next guest.

At the time, this was a good selling point as it helped show the difference when comparing it to steam cleaning.  Hotel managers and owners were able to understand that their rooms would still be ready on time.

Nowadays, the problem is the term “dry sanitising” is being misunderstood.  I often hear customers calling it “dry cleaning”, which leads them to think the stains are going to be removed from the mattress.

This perception is made worse by the mattress people that point out stains on the mattress.  They then tell the owner that it needs to be sanitised before they will collect it for repair..

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