Writing the material on this website has taken a bit of time and has involved quite a bit of reading.

Listed on this page are all the books, websites, journals and other material that was researched to make up the content on this website.

( 1 ) Characterization of Invasion of Genus Aspergillus on Peanut Seeds Using FTIR-PAS – (Springer Link website)

( 2 ) Impact of food processing and detoxification treatments on mycotoxin contamination (Springer Link website)

( 3 ) IIICRC Applied Microbial Remediation Technician Manual (Jena Dyco)

( 4 ) High Aflatoxin Production on a Chemically Defined Medium – Applied Microbiology, Sept. 1971, p. 393-396 (National Center for Biotechnology Information website)

( 5 ) Aflatoxins (Food Safety Watch website)

( 6 ) Mycotoxin production on water damaged building materials (Food Safety Watch website)

( 8 ) Dr Subroto Mukherjee presentation (United Nations Food and Agriculture website)

( 9 ) Tile Council of North America – (Common Causes of Grout Problems)

( 10 ) Australian Environmental Pest Manager’s Association website – (Varied Carpet Beetles)